Bologna, 15-19 September 2014

Evolving Galaxies in Evolving Environments

Bologna (Italy), 15-19 September 2014

Confirmed participants

Please contact us if you confirmed your attendance but you are not in the list.

Name Affiliation Contrib. Title
Betsey Adams ASTRON - Netherlands poster Searching for Local Group dwarfs via their HI content: Ultra-compact high velocity clouds in the ALFALFA HI survey
Sinan Alis OCA - France poster Evolution of galaxy populations in galaxy clusters from z~1 to z~0 in the CFHT Legacy Survey
Viola Allevato Univ. of Helsinki - Finland talk Clustering properties of X-ray Type 1 and 2 AGNs in COSMOS at z~3
Marianna Annunziatella Univ. of Trieste - Italy poster CLASH-VLT: The stellar mass function and stellar mass density profile of the z=0.44 cluster of galaxies MACS J1206.2-0847
Paramita Barai INAF-OA Trieste - Italy talk Gas and Stellar Properties of Simulated Galaxies in Cosmological Volumes
Sandro Bardelli INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -
Dino Beghetto Junior Univ. do Vale do Paraíba-UNIVAP - Brasil poster Formation of Polar Ring Galaxies - a database of N-body simulations
Philip Best IfA Edinburgh - UK talk The cosmic evolution of radio-AGN feedback to z=1
Samuel Boissier LAM - France LOC -
Micol Bolzonella INAF-OA Bologna - Italy SOC/LOC -
Nina Bonaventura McGill Univ. - Canada poster The Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Alexandre Bouquin Univ. Complutense de Madrid - Spain poster Morphological and environmental segregation of nearby galaxies from their UV and IR colors
Malcolm Bremer Univ. of Bristol - UK poster The evolution of the red sequence galaxy population in clusters
Eva Busekool Univ. of Groningen - Netherlands talk HI properties of galaxies in the Ursa Major region and the Perseus-Pisces filament
Lucio Buson INAF-OA Padova - Italy poster UGC 7639 a Late-type Dwarf Galaxy in the Canes Venatici I Cloud
Marcello Cacciato Leiden Observatory - Netherlands talk Properties of GAMA galaxies (in different environments) from a lensing analysis of the KiDS survey
Rebecca Canning Stanford University/KIPAC - USA talk Triggering X-ray AGN in the cluster environment
Alberto Cappi INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -
Hoseung Choi Yonsei University - Korea poster Hydrodynamic zoom-in simulations on the galaxy evolution in cluster environments
Norbert Christlieb Univ. of Heidelberg - Germany - -
Jiwon Chung Chungnam National Univ. - Korea poster Enhanced nitrogen in morphologically disturbed blue compact galaxies at 0.20 < z < 0.35: probing galaxy merging features
Anna Cibinel CEA Saclay - France talk A Twofold Look on Environmental Effects: Satellite Quenching and Merger-Induced Star Formation in the ZENS Survey
Andrea Cimatti Univ. of Bologna - Italy SOC -
Federica Ciocca Univ. of Insubria - Italy poster Colour gradients in cluster elliptical galaxies at z=1.39
Alice Concas Excellence Cluster Universe Munich - Germany poster A new way to the galactic archeology
Juan Pablo Cordero Univ. de Chile - Chile poster The dry merger rate of galaxies in the Coma Cluster: implications for estimates in high-z clusters
Jacob Crossett Monash University - Australia poster Properties of UV Bright Red Sequence Cluster Galaxies
Olga Cucciati Univ. of Bologna - Italy SOC/LOC -
Ryan Cybulski Univ. of Massachusetts - USA talk COOL BUDHIES: the interplay of gas, star-formation activity, and environment around two galaxy clusters at z~0.2
Iary Davidzon Univ. of Bologna - Italy LOC/talk Galaxy evolution in the VIPERS environments
Sabrina De Grandi INAF-OA Brera - Italy - -
Anna Delahaye McGill University - Canada poster A snapshot of a Coma-like progenitor at z=0.9: Characterizing the galaxy populations within different environments in the RCS2319 supercluster
Roberto De Propris FINCA, Univ. of Turku - Finland poster A panoramic view of galaxy evolution in z=1.25 clusters
Marion Dierickx Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - USA poster Signatures of the M31-M32 Galactic Collision
Daria Dobrycheva Main Astron. Obs. of NAS of Ukraine - Ukraine poster Color indexes of galaxies in different environments defined by the Voronoi tessellation
Donovan Domingue Georgia College & State Univ. - USA poster Does the star formation rate of a paired spiral depend on its companion's morphology?
Elena D'Onghia Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison - USA invited Session 5: Tight interactions and no interactions
Yohan Dubois IAP - France talk Dancing in the dark: how galaxies swing in the cosmic web
M. Carmen Eliche-Moral Univ. Complutense de Madrid - Spain talk/poster The formation of a sequence of S0a-S0b-S0c galaxies through major mergers/Evolution of the average properties of the stellar populations of massive dead galaxies up to z=2
James Etherington ICG Portsmouth - UK poster Measuring galaxy environment in large scale photometric surveys
Stefano Ettori INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -
Renato Falomo INAF-OA Padova - Italy poster Multi color imaging of low redshift QSO hosts and their environments
Sarah Fazlollahpour IPM Tehran - Iran - -
Mirian Fernandez Lorenzo Inst. de Astrofisica de Andalucia-CSIC - Spain talk Pseudobulges in isolated galaxies
Matteo Fossati Univ. Sternwarte Munich & MPE - Germany talk The role of environment as traced by semi-analytic models and KMOS observations
Amelia Fraser-McKelvie Monash Univ. - Australia talk The Rarity of Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies as Measured by WISE
Emily Freeland Stockholm Univ. - Sweden talk Tracing Outflows and Shocked Disk Gas in Supergroup Galaxies
Michelle Furlong ICC, Univ. of Durham - UK talk Probing Galaxy Quenching Mechanisms using the Eagle Hydro-Simulations
Anna Gallazzi INAF-OA Arcetri - Italy talk Element abundance ratios and star formation quenching in central and satellite galaxies
Adriana Gargiulo INAF-OA Brera - Italy poster Constraining the stellar mass accretion in early-type galaxies in the last 9 Gyr
Giuseppe Gavazzi Univ. of Milano Bicocca - Italy invited Session 3: Multiphase gas
Myriam Gitti Univ. of Bologna - Italy poster Twin SMBH candidates in RBS797's BCG and in A2626's dumbbell cD galaxy
Violeta Gonzalez-Perez Univ. of Durham - UK poster The predicted colours of satellite galaxies
Gian Luigi Granato INAF-OA Trieste - Italy talk Brightest cluster galaxies in cosmological simulations: achievements and limitations of active galactic nuclei feedback models
Meghan Gray Univ. of Nottingham - UK invited Session 1: Evolving environments
Laura Greggio INAF-OA Padova - Italy poster The stellar halo of NGC 253
ChangHoon Hahn NYU CCPP - USA talk PRIMUS: Galaxy Environment on the Quiescent Fraction Evolution at z < 1
Chris Haines Univ. de Chile - Chile talk LoCuSS: The slow quenching of star formation in cluster galaxies at z~0.2
William Hartley ETH Zurich - Switzerland talk Galactic conformity and central / satellite quenching at 0.4 < z < 1.9 in the UKIDSS UDS
Peter Hatfield Univ. of Oxford - UK poster Evolution of Galaxy Interactions and Clustering in the VIDEO Survey
Antonio Hernan-Caballero Inst. de Fisica de Cantabria, Santander - Spain poster The maturing stellar populations of X-ray selected AGN host galaxies
Michaela Hirschmann IAP - France talk The influence of the environmental history on quenching star formation in a ΛCDM universe
Marc Huertas-Company GEPI - Obs. de Paris - France talk The growth of massive galaxies in dense environments
Angela Iovino INAF-OA Brera - Italy SOC -
Shogo Ishikawa NAOJ - Japan poster The clustering properties of star-forming galaxies at z~2 by extremely wide field galaxy survey
Inger Jorgensen Gemini Observatory - USA poster Evolution of Galaxy Sizes and Stellar Populations in Dense Cluster Environments
Dietmar Kaletta Univ. of Tuebingen - Germany - -
Anastasia Kasparova SAI & Moscow Lomonosov State Univ. - Russia poster A portrait of Malin 2
Kshitija Kelkar Univ. of Nottingham - UK poster Galaxy sizes as a function of environment at intermediate redshift from the ESO Distant Cluster Survey
Suk Kim Chungnam National Univ. - Korea poster The Extended Virgo Cluster Catalog
Takanobu Kirihara Univ. of Tsukuba - Japan poster A new puzzle of the Cold Dark Matter Prediction in the Outer Density Profile of the Andromeda Galaxy
Tadayuki Kodama National Astron. Obs. of Japan - Japan SOC -
Katarina Kovac ETH Zurich - Switzerland invited Concluding remarks
Yusei Koyama ISAS/JAXA - Japan talk The environmental impacts on the star formation main sequence out to z~2
Janusz Krywult Jan Kochanowski Univ. - Poland poster Morphological properties of VIPERS galaxies at z~0.8
Francesco La Barbera INAF-OA Capodimonte - Italy talk The environmental fossil record of early-type galaxies
Khee-Gan Lee MPIA - Germany talk Constraining z~2 Galaxy Environments with Ly-a Forest Tomography
Youngdae Lee Chungnam National Univ. - Korea poster Galaxy luminosity function and mass assembly of the Abell 119 cluster
Brian Lemaux LAM - France talk An Exploration of High Density at High Redshift: First Results from the VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey
Yen-Ting Lin ASIAA - Taiwan talk The stellar mass growth of brightest cluster galaxies
Ewa Lokas Copernicus Center, Warsaw - Poland talk Formation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies by tidal stirring and mergers
Marcella Longhetti INAF-OA Brera - Italy - -
Ilaria Lonoce Univ. Insubria & INAF-OA Brera - Italy poster Spectral evidences of multiple stellar populations in z~1 early-type galaxies
Carlos Lopez-Sanjuan CEFCA Teruel - Spain talk The ALHAMBRA survey: Accurate photometric merger fractions from PDF analysis
Manuela Magliocchetti INAF-IAPS Rome - Italy talk Cosmic dichotomy in the hosts of star-forming galaxies at low and high redshifts
Christian Maier Univ. of Vienna - Austria talk The existence and universality of the fundamental metallicity relation of star-forming galaxies in CLASH clusters at z~0.4
Nicola Malavasi Univ. of Bologna - Italy LOC/poster The environment of radio sources in the VLA-COSMOS Survey field
Gary Mamon IAP - France talk Optimal grouping algorithms and recent advances on compact groups
Allison Man Dark Cosmology Centre - Denmark talk Explaining the discrepancy in the observed galaxy merger fractions at z=0-2.5
Raffaella Anna Marino Univ. Complutense de Madrid - Spain poster Combing PPAk Integral Field Spectroscopy and PACS-SPIRE Herschel data: a multi-wavelength study of dust properties in spiral disks
Olga Melnyk Univ. of Kyiv - Ukraine LOC/talk Colours and star formation rates of isolated galaxies
Gustavo Morales ARI, Univ. of Heidelberg - Germany poster Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological Diagnostics
Thibaud Moutard Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille - France poster 22 square degrees of the sky to probe the evolution of the stellar mass function since z = 1.5, and its link to the different galaxy star-formation quenching processes
Emiliano Munari Univ. of Trieste - Italy poster Understanding galaxies for generating mock galaxy catalogues
Thorsten Naab MPA Garching - Germany invited Session 2: Central galaxies
Brenda Namumba Univ. of Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa poster HI absorption study in active galaxies
François Nehlig Obs. Astr. de Strasbourg - France poster Environmental effects on Virgo spirals galaxies. Molecular fraction and star formation
Carlo Nipoti Univ. of Bologna - Italy talk Environmental dependence of the structural evolution of early-type galaxies
Allison Noble Univ. of Toronto - Canada talk The Phase Space of z=1.2 Clusters: Using Herschel to probe Dust Temperature as a Function of Environment and Accretion History
Pierre Ocvirk Obs. Astr. de Strasbourg - France talk Internal and external regulation of star formation in dwarf galaxies by radiative feedback in coupled radiative-hydrodynamics simulations of the reionization
Alvaro Orsi CEFCA - Spain talk The evolution of massive structures revealed by star-forming galaxies around AGN
Carmen P. Padilla-Torres TNG FGG - Spain poster Searching Baryonic Matter at Corona Borealis Supercluster
Rosita Paladino Univ. of Bologna, INAF-IRA - Italy talk LOFAR observations of the Leo Triplet : searching for radio low frequency evidence of interaction
Ciro Pappalardo CAAUL, OAL Lisbon - Portugal poster Environmental Effects on interstellar medium of Virgo spiral galaxies
Anna Pasquali Univ. of Heidelberg - Germany invited Session 4: Satellite galaxies
Dave Patton Univ. of Trent - Canada invited Session 5: Tight interactions and no interactions
Milena Pawlik Univ. of St. Andrews - UK talk Merger, starburst, post-merger, post-starburst... red-sequence?
Yingjie Peng University of Cambridge - UK talk The dependence of the galaxy mass-metallicity relation on environment and the implied metallicity of the IGM
Jaime Perea Inst. de Astrofisica de Andalucia CSIC - Spain talk The properties of the central galaxies formed through collisionless hierachical merging in small groups
Akash Pirya CRyA - Mexico poster SDSS study of the environments of giant radio galaxies
Bianca Poggianti INAF-OA Padova - Italy talk Gas stripping in clusters
Paola Popesso Excellence Cluster Universe Munich - Germany talk The role of massive halos in the Cosmic Star Formation History
Lorenzo Posti Univ. of Bologna - Italy poster The imprint of dark matter haloes on the size and velocity dispersion evolution of central and satellite galaxies
Lucia Pozzetti INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -
Ryan Quadri Texas A&M University - USA talk Using satellite galaxies to investigate the growth of galaxy groups and the quenching of star formation
Tim Rawle ESAC, ESA - Spain poster The Influence of Cluster Mergers on Galaxy Formation
Alvio Renzini INAF-OA Padova - Italy poster Metal Production in the Environment of Clusters of Galaxies
François Rérat LASTRO, EPFL - Switzerland poster The Fate of Galaxy Groups Falling on Intermediate Mass Clusters
Soo-Chang Rey Chungnam National Univ. - Korea poster The properties of early-type dwarf galaxies in the Ursa Major cluster
Donatella Romano INAF-OA Bologna - Italy poster The chemical evolution of the smallest Milky Way satellites: Bootes I
Deise Aparecida Rosa Univ. do Vale do Paraíba-UNIVAP - Brasil poster Interaction effects on galaxy pairs with Gemini/GMOS - II: Oxygen abundance gradients
Gregory Rudnick Univ. of Kansas - USA talk Probing the End of Star Formation in Distant Cluster Galaxies
Jose Sabater IfA, Univ. of Edinburgh - UK talk Triggering optical AGN: the need for cold dense gas, and the indirect roles of galaxy environment and interactions
Amélie Saintonge UCL - UK invited Session 3: Multiphase gas
Quentin Salome LERMA/Obs. de Paris - France poster 3C 285: a nearby galaxy with jet-induced star formation
Jean-Baptiste Salomon Obs. Astron. de Strasbourg - France poster The intrinsic ellipticity of dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Angela Sandrinelli Univ. of Insubria - Italy talk Relationship between QSO pairs and their galaxy environment
Paolo Saracco INAF-OA Brera - Italy poster Scaling relations of cluster and field elliptical galaxies at z~1.4
Debora Sijacki Univ. of Cambridge - UK invited Session 1: Evolving environments
José M. Solanes Univ. of Barcelona - Spain poster Investigating the observed dependence of the dual-AGN fraction on the orbital and halo spins of galaxy mergers
Veronica Sommariva Univ. of Bologna - Italy LOC
Oliver Steele ICG Univ. Portsmouth - UK talk The environmental dependence of emission lines in the GAMA survey
Alina Streblyanska IAC - Spain poster Optical follow-up of Planck Sunyaev-Zel'dovich cluster sample
Margherita Talia Univ. of Bologna - Italy LOC/poster The star-formation rate cookbook: recipes at 1 < z < 3
Saeed Tavasoli IPM, Tehran - Iran poster The challenge of large and empty voids in the SDSS DR7 redshift survey
Rita Tojeiro Univ. of St. Andrews - UK talk The assembly history of galaxies and their environment
Crescenzo Tortora INAF-OA Capodimonte - Italy poster Evolution of central dark matter of ETGs up to z = 1
Christy Tremonti Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison - USA invited Session 2: Central galaxies
Milena Valentini Univ. of Bologna - Italy poster Origin of cold gas in massive elliptical galaxies
Francesco Valentino CEA Saclay - France poster The remarkable environment of the z=2 cluster CL J1449+0856: an evidence for a phase transition at the onset of cluster formation?
Remco van der Burg CEA Saclay - France poster The distribution of stellar mass in galaxy clusters: Evidence for the inside-out growth of galaxy clusters since z = 1
Tiziana Venturi INAF-IRA Bologna - Italy poster Radio luminosity function of BGC in the Extended GMRT Cluster Sample
Daniela Vergani INAF-IASF Bologna - Italy - -
Tracy Webb McGill Univ. - Canada talk A Massive Galaxy Cluster at z = 1.7 and the In-Situ Formation of its Central Galaxy
David Wilman MPE Garching - Germany SOC -
Yu-Ting Wu ASIAA - Taiwan poster The Eccentricities and Nucleus Off-Center Displacements of Collisional Ring Galaxies
Sukyoung Yi Yonsei Univ. - Korea talk Merger relics in galaxy clusters
Gianni Zamorani INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -
Alessandra Zanichelli INAF-IRA Bologna - Italy poster Galaxy populations in the VIPERS Survey: radio emission properties and evolution
Stefano Zarattini Inst. de Astrofisica de Canarias - Spain poster The evolution of the luminosity function with the magnitude gap: from "regular" to "fossil" systems
Dongyao Zhao Univ. of Nottingham - UK talk The relationship between morphology and structure of Brightest Cluster Galaxies and their environment
Elena Zucca INAF-OA Bologna - Italy - -

Key dates:

1st announcement:
March 11th, 2014

2nd announcement and registrations:
April 18th, 2014

Deadline for abstract submission:
June 22nd, 2014

Deadline for final registration and payment:
August 3rd, 2014