Bologna, 15-19 September 2014

Evolving Galaxies in Evolving Environments

Bologna (Italy), 15-19 September 2014


The programme of the conference, as decided by the SOC, will cover the following topics:

  1. 1.Evolving environments: clusters, groups, density field, clustering, dark matter environment, and how they depend globally on redshift)

  2. 2.Central galaxies: links between accretion, bulge growth, star formation & AGN feedback, including BCGs.

  3. 3.Multiphase gas and environment: observations and simulations of gas budget vs halo mass, hot gas (detection, cooling, stripping), warm gas (absorption studies, abundance), cold gas (detection of flows, abundance).

  4. 4.Satellite galaxies: direct evidence of interaction with environment, physical mechanisms, simulations, empirical trends.

  5. 5.Tight interactions and no interactions: merging, close pairs, compact groups, fossils/isolated galaxies, etc.

Detailed programme and slides

See also the timetable (jpg, pdf) and the booklet of abstracts (pdf)

Monday - Session 1

  • Meghan Gray (invited): Evolving environments I (pdf)
  • Rita Tojeiro: The assembly history of galaxies and their environment (pdf)
  • Alvaro Orsi: The underlying massive structures revealed by high-redshift radio galaxy and quasar environment (pdf)
  • Iary Davidzon: Galaxy evolution in the VIPERS environment (pdf)
  • ChangHoon Hahn: PRIMUS: Galaxy Environment on the Quiescent Fraction at z < 0.8 (pdf)
  • Michaela Hirschmann: The influence of the environmental history on quenching star formation (pdf)
  • Brian Lemaux: An Exploration of High-ρ at High-z: First Results from the VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey (pdf)
  • Poster session I: Bouquin, Delahaye, Dobrycheva, Falomo, Hatfield, Ishikawa, Kim, Krywult, Malavasi, Moutard, Zanichelli
  • Debora Sijacki (invited): Evolving environments II (pdf)
  • Paola Popesso: The role of massive halos in the Cosmic Star Formation History
  • Yusei Koyama: The environmental impacts on the star formation main sequence out to z~2 (pdf)
  • Matteo Fossati: The role of environment as traced by semi-analytic models and KMOS observations (pdf)
  • Yohan Dubois: Dancing in the dark: how galaxies swing in the cosmic web (pdf)
  • Manuela Magliocchetti: Cosmic Dichotomy in the hosts of star-forming galaxies at low and high redshifts (pdf)
  • Sukyoung Yi (from S5): Merger relics in galaxy clusters (pdf)
  • Tadayuki Kodama: Discussion (pdf)

Tuesday - Session 2

  • Christy Tremonti (invited): Central Galaxies I (pdf)
  • José Sabater: Triggering optical AGN: the need for cold gas, and the indirect roles of galaxy environment and interactions (pdf)
  • Marcello Cacciato (from S1): Properties of GAMA galaxies [in different environments] form a lensing analysis of the KiDS survey (pdf)
  • Yen-Ting Lin: Stellar mass growth of brightest cluster galaxies (pdf)
  • Amelia Fraser- McKelvie: The Rarity of Star Formation in Local Universe Brightest Cluster Galaxies (pdf)
  • Gian Luigi Granato: BCGs in Cosmological Hydro-Simulations (pdf)
  • Poster session II: Bonaventura, Gitti, Munari, Padilla-Torres, Piryia, Rawle, Rérat, Streblyanska, Talia, van der Burg
  • Carlo Nipoti (from S4): Environmental dependence of the structural evolution of early-type galaxies (pdf)
  • Rebecca Canning (from S4): X-ray AGN in massive galaxy clusters (pdf)
  • Michelle Furlong: Probing Galaxy Quenching Mechanisms using the Eagle Hydro-Simulations (pdf)
  • Dongyao Zhao: Relationship between Morphology and Structure of Brightest Cluster Galaxies and their Environment (pdf)
  • William Hartley: Galactic conformity at z < 2, and the quenching of central / satellite galaxies (pdf)
  • Poster session III: Adams, Choi, Chung, De Propris, Kasparova, Lonoce, Pappalardo, Posti, Valentini, Venturi
  • Francesco La Barbera: The environmental fossil record of early-type galaxies (pdf)
  • Philip Best: The cosmic evolution of radio-AGN feedback to z=1 (pdf)
  • Dave Wilman: Discussion

Wednesday - Session 3

  • Amélie Saintonge (invited): Multiphase gas I (pdf)
  • Ryan Cybulski: COOL BUDHIES: the interplay of gas, star-formation activity, and environment around two clusters at z~0.2 (pdf)
  • Bianca Poggianti: Gas stripping in clusters (pdf)
  • Khee-Gan Lee: 3D Mapping of the z > 2 Universe with Ly-α Forest Tomography (pdf)
  • Emily Freeland: Tracing Outflows and Shocked Disk Gas in an Assembling Galaxy Cluster (pdf)
  • Pierre Ocvirk: Internal and external regulation of star formation in dwarf galaxies by radiative feedback in coupled radiative-hydrodynamics simulations of the reionization
  • Paramita Barai: Gas and Stellar Properties of Simulated Galaxies in Cosmological Volumes
  • Eva Busekool: HI properties of galaxies in Ursa Major and Perseus-Pisces: the effect of the environment (pdf)
  • Peppo Gavazzi: Discussion

Thursday - Session 4

  • Peppo Gavazzi (invited): Multiphase gas II (pdf)
  • Allison Noble: The Phase-Space of z~1 Clusters: A View from Spitzer and Herschel (pdf)
  • Christian Maier: The existence and universality of the FMR of star-forming galaxies in CLASH clusters at z~0.4 (pdf)
  • Anna Gallazzi: Element abundance ratios and star formation quenching in satellite and central galaxies (pdf)
  • Thorsten Naab (invited): Central galaxies II
  • Ewa Lokas: Formation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies by tidal stirring and mergers
  • Poster session IV: Annunziatella, Bremer, Ciocca, Crossett, Eliche-Moral, Marino, Nehlig, Rosa, Salomé
  • Anna Pasquali (invited): Satellite galaxies (pdf)
  • Gregory Rudnick: Probing the End of Star Formation in Distant Group and Cluster Galaxies (pdf)
  • Oliver Steele: The environmental dependence of emission lines in the GAMA survey
  • Yingjie Peng: The dependence of the galaxy mass- metallicity relation on environment and the implied metallicity of the IGM
  • Poster session V: Gargiulo, Gonzalez-Perez, Jorgensen, Kelkar, Lee, Rey, Romano, Salomon, Saracco, Tortora, Valentino
  • Ryan Quadri: Using satellites to investigate the growth of galaxy groups and the quenching of (central) star formation (pdf)
  • Chris Haines: LoCuSS: The slow quenching of star formation in cluster galaxies at z~0.2 (pdf)
  • Marc Huertas-Company: The growth of massive galaxies in dense environments
  • Rita Tojeiro: Discussion

Friday - Session 5

  • Elena D'Onghia (invited): Tight interactions I
  • Carmen Eliche-Moral: The formation of a sequence of S0a-S0b-S0c galaxies through major mergers (pdf)
  • Milena Pawlik: Merger, starburst, post-merger, post-starburst... red-sequence? (pdf)
  • Rosita Paladino: LOFAR observations of the Leo Triplet: searching for radio low frequency evidence of interactions (pdf)
  • Gary Mamon: Optimal grouping algorithms and recent advances on compact groups
  • Jaime Perea: Properties of central galaxies formed through collisionless hierachical merging in small groups (pdf)
  • Anna Cibinel: A Twofold Look on Environmental Effects: Satellite Quenching and Merger-Induced Star Formation in the ZENS Survey (pdf)
  • Poster session VI: Beghetto, Concas, Cordero, Dierickx, Domingue, Greggio, Kirihara, Morales, Solanes, Wu, Zarattini
  • Dave Patton (invited): Tight interactions II (pdf)
  • Mirian Fernandez Lorenzo: (Pseudo)bulges in isolated galaxies (pdf)
  • Angela Sandrinelli: The environment of low-redshift quasar pairs (pdf)
  • Allison Man: Galaxy merger fractions at z=0-3: Resolving the discrepancy in observations (pdf)
  • Carlos Lopez-Sanjuan: Accurate merger fractions by PDF analysis of photometric close pairs (pdf)
  • Olga Melnyk: Colours and Star Formation Rates in Isolated Galaxies (pdf)
  • Katarina Kovac (invited): Concluding remarks and discussion (pdf)

Key dates:

1st announcement:
March 11th, 2014

2nd announcement and registrations:
April 18th, 2014

Deadline for abstract submission:
June 22nd, 2014

Deadline for final registration and payment:
August 3rd, 2014